Semi-hiatus this week: a friend lost

This will be a short post. My hubby and I have the sad duty of attending the visitation and funeral of a good friend.

No warning. Our friend was thought to be hale and hearty. But the worst took place — one of those events that you pray will never happen to people you care about, but then it does, and everyone stumbles around in shock.

Four weeks ago, he was rushed to the hospital with a cerebral aneurysm. The doctors did what they could, but our friend never recovered. He remained on life support for three weeks, and then there was no point in carrying on any further.

We are devastated for his family. We are devastated ourselves, but we’ll do everything we can to support those our friend has left behind.

It’s said that only the good die young, and he’d be a perfect example of that. Deaths like these make me want to be bad for a while, to avoid the same fate, but of course our destinies are our own. If any lesson is to be learned from these things, it’s to not take for granted any day you can spend with those you care about, because you truly never know when the opportunity will be lost forever.

Rest in peace, Jim, with our love.

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