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A quick post to share a terrific opportunity for anyone interested in writing a book. Reedsy is an online organization that offers editing, designing and other services for authors, but they also have a fabulous blog with an enormous amount of information for writers at any stage of their journey, as well as excellent free webinars and online courses, and much more.

The next one, airing live on Wednesday 26th April (at 3 pm New York/Noon Pacific/8 pm London/12.30 am Delhi/ 3 am Hong Kong/5 am Sydney), is on how to get your first draft done without getting in your own way. The description from Reedsy is “Bestselling Author S J Watson shows you how to shut out your inner editor and get your first draft finished.” The session will include things like (quoted from their site):

  • Why it’s important to separate the two stages of the process
  • How to give yourself permission to write badly
  • How to listen to what the work is telling you and techniques for staying flexible

I’ve watched many Reedsy webinars and they’ve all been full of great information, so I encourage you to sit in on this one. If you can’t attend live, register anyway as they usually send a link to watch after the fact. Registration is free through Eventbrite.

Having written each draft of my three books in just such a way, I can attest to how well it works. It’s more important to get your words out of your head and onto ‘paper’, then worry about editing after that. After all, the story can’t be read by anyone if it only ever stays in your imagination, right? And all first drafts are rough — every famous book you’ve ever read started out that way, then got polished in subsequent edits.

If you need additional convincing, watch this webinar and get inspired. Wishing you happy writing!

Photo of budding cherry blossoms by me and all rights reserved. E. Jurus

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