Author on the original Inca Trail, Peru


Erica Jurus spent her childhood wishing she could explore every exit on the Ontario highways her father drove for family vacations. Each of those curving ramps represented the romance and adventure of the unknown. They eventually provided the inspiration for her urban fantasy/sci-fi Roads trilogy.

Her writing invites readers to imagine that there might be more to our world than meets the eye – mysterious, thrilling, dangerous, and so much more fun.  

Erica began writing science fiction short stories as a child, heavily influenced by television series like The Twilight Zone and Outer Limits, where ordinary situations evolved into the bizarre and inexplicable. In high school, one of her stories, about the aftermath of a nuclear war, was wildly unlikely but so inventive that the teacher read it to the entire class.

Her career path took her down a different road, diverging as much as her fantasy byways: a university degree in ecology, several years working as a pharmacy technician, freelance graphic designer, copy writer and web administrator in a counselling office at a local college. Work helped pay for the many adventures she and her husband embarked on, eventually travelling to six continents and twenty-four countries together.

Erica is a connoisseur of haunted travel and loves visiting anything with a good ghost story. She comes by it naturally — her mother was born in Transylvania, and one day Erica hopes to visit her ancestral country.

She is a professional speaker, photographer, foodie, golfer, Titanic buff, and tea aficionado. She grew up on the works of H.P. Lovecraft and J.R.R. Tolkien.

All of these varied experiences have found their way, along with interests in archaeology, history and ancient manuscripts, into her novels, providing rich material for her to extrapolate the real world into realms of the imagination.

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