Pre-book launch craziness

The wrestling match with my “About the Author” blurb and with KDP’s (Kindle Direct Publishing) Kindle Create software to get my e-book formatted correctly are over, and the book will be available for pre-order soon, I’m very happy to finally say! Next will be the printable version; wish me luck. By Book 2 I should have the whole thing mastered 😀 Thank goodness for nature strolls through Heartland Forest (sprinkled with wildflowers such as those in the photo above), the venue for the book launch party and inspiration for the Grey Marsh in the novel, to keep me sane lol

The forest is looking quite magical at the moment, with ethereal greenery popping up all over, and it makes a lovely, serene place to decompress. The photo below shows a fallen tree including much of its root base — can’t imagine the force that tore it out. Could be an idea for something in Book 2 or 3 😉

Anyway, the big launch day is next Sunday, May 28th, so stay tuned for more updates next week!

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