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Just a couple of quick tidbits this week. I’ve resumed work on Book 3, which is very exciting. Book 2 has been edited and should be ready for publication this fall, so all new readers of Through the Monster-glass won’t have too long a wait for what happened after the stunning climax.

The first edition of my Signposts newsletter is almost ready. Here’s a preview of what it’s going to look like:

Regular segments will include A Writer’s Life (behind the scenes peeks), The World of Books (discussions about genres, great writing, trends, and more about the medium so many of us love), Writing Tips (things I’ve learned along the way), Recipes (from the novels & author’s favourites), Upcoming Events, Photos that inspire me, and anything else I think will be interesting to share.

A few glitches getting my sign-up form loaded onto my website, but hopefully those should be fixed soon. If you’d like to subscribe, you’ll receive a monthly newsletter/inspiration file, your email will be used for no other purpose, and you’ll be able to unsubscribe any time if you wish to (but hopefully you won’t).

Check back for updates!

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